One day Satguru Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib went to Tharparkar along with his followers, on the invitation of the people and the panchayats of Tharparkar.

Early in the morning, he sat for his prayers and sang bhajans, in his stentorian and melodious voice in the praise of the Lord and inspired the other, hundreds of people who were present at that time, to follow the true path of life.

He filled the houses of poor and needy with the offerings he got, during the bhakti program, and that day also in the evening he asked his devotee Bhai Raman to carry food and Saijan along with Bhai Raman went out to serve food to the poor and needy.

They came across a sandy place, where there were many thorny bushes, and there they saw, a heap of sand, on which a small plant was swinging in the air about its position.

Saijan stood there for some time and all of a sudden with some noise, this plant fell down and the heap of sand, tumbled down  and surprisingly one sadhu came out of the heap and bowed down at the feet of Saint Satramdas Sahib. He told Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib, that,
after getting upset with the unhappiness, sadness, misery and sorrows of the world he left the city and came to live in a village. In the village also he did not got peace so he went to the jungle and since he did not get peace even in the jungle he went under the ground to meditate.

He told Saijan, that everybody in this world is busy achieving materialistic happiness and have become greedy, and that is why he had taken shelter, under the ground, where nothing can distract him, and he can achieve ONENESS through peaceful meditation.

Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas said,  that the sadhu himself was also doing the same thing like, those people, who were unhappy and selfish, as he was also searching happiness only  for himself.  He, by shifting from one place to other, was searching for peace and happiness for his well being and not for the well being of others,  so what was the difference between an enlightened saint and an ordinary man.

Shehensha Satguru told Sadhu, that an enlightened saint does not have to leave the world and run away from others, to achieve peace of mind, but his duty is to give comfort and spiritual knowledge to ignorant people, and show them and guide them to the path of eternal truth. An enlightened person should  take care of the unhappy, ignorant and misguided people.

Sant Sai  Satramdas Sahib said, that we must live life selflessly, and whatever we have, we shall share it with others, by taking care of troubled, needy and hungry. The beloved God is pleased If we keep his children happy without any kind of discrimination, and then even we will be honored at the temple of God, when we leave this materialistic world .

After hearing what Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib told him, the Sadhu realised his mistake, and fell at the lotus feet of Sant Sai Satramdas sahib and requested him to guide him.
Sant Sai  Satramdas Sahib asked Bhai Raman,  to serve food to Sadhu.

After accepting food from Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib, the sadhu thanked Sant Sai Satramdas sahib for illuminating his ignorant mind with the true knowledge, for purifying his thoughts, making him think clearly and making him realize, that his actual duty was to serve the ignorant children of dear Lord by guiding them, helping them, and leading them towards the path of eternal truth.

Sacho Satram.