Bhai Aayal Mal had a retail shop of pure Ghee. Once he went to take blessings of Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib, Saijan accepted him as his disciple.
When he returned to his shop, he thought, that Since his Guru was a True Lord himself , he should also practice truth, in his life. Bhai Aayal mal stopped mixing his ghee, with other impure things, and started selling only pure ghee, as a result he had to increase his cost of ghee.

Unfortunately, people started going to other shops, where they could get ghee, at cheaper rates.

This made Ayal Mal think about his decision, of increasing the cost. of the pure ghee he kept at his shop , but he was sure, that he will not to do, any mixing of the pure ghee with any other inferior quality ghee, to lower the cost of pure ghee, because  he did not want to be dishonest, with his customers.
Aayal Mal started remembering Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satram das Sahib,  by chanting his pious name, and while chanting, a thought entered his mind, that cleared all his doubts, and from that day onwards, he maintained three different rates of the ghee, at his shop, and kept three different tins of ghee of different qualities of ghee, in his shop. When people asked him, that why there were three different types of ghee, with different prices, Bhai Aayal Mal would reply that, there were different rates of the ghee, because the quality was different of the three types of ghee, so the rates depend on the type of ghee.”

After a few days people understood the honesty of Aayal mal and started purchasing ghee from him. Aayalmal became famous, by the name of an honest dealer of ghee. With the blessings of Shehenshah Satguru Sant Sai  Satramdas Sahib, people would not mind  standing in a queue to buy ghee, from him.

Sacho Satram.