Hijayat Bai was a widow, and she was very poor also. One day she went to Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib and said” Sacha Sai,  I am poor, and I am getting my daughter married, all my life I have attended many functions of friends and relatives, and that is is why now I feel that should  also invite them to attend my daughter’s wedding. Please bless me, so that I am able to arrange proper food for the guests on my daughter’s wedding function.I have very less wheat flour, and a small quantity of rice and dal, and nothing else.”

Shehenshah Satguru, very  kindly and lovingly looked at her and said, “Go back  home, and make all the guests eat at your daughter’s wedding, and also fulfill the other formalities, of giving what ever is your custom, to your daughter, but remember one thing, that don’t let any one go inside the room, where you keep all the food stock and other goods.” Hijayat bai, came back to her house, and invited all the people of her town, for her daughter’s wedding, and started preparing for her daughter’s wedding, with a lot of happiness, and positive energy.

In one corner of her room, she kept all the eatables prepared for the wedding and other stuff. after some time, when she went to take something from that room, she realised, that for the Bhandara Sahib, she had forgotten to take a Sacred  bed cover from the Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satram Saheb. ( Sacred bed cover,  is recieved  from the great Sants  of Raharki Sahib to cover the food, prepared for any auspicious occasion. Before serving, when the food is covered with the sacred bed cover,  the food does not fall short of the requirement, and any number of people can have that bhandara.

This thought made her little upset, and she immediately started remembering Saijan, by chanting his pious name, and at that very moment half of the extended roof sheet of her house, fell  like a sacred cover, on the food stock, kept for the wedding, and nothing was damaged. Later on Hijayat Bai kept on removing food under the roof sheet, for her guests and she made all the people of her town eat the wedding food, and yet the food did not fall short. She also fulfilled the formalities of giving required  trousseau to her daughter, according to the customs. She gave gifts to others also, but still much more was left with her. After the wedding she went back to Raharki Sahib to pay her respects to the great Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib, and to express her gratitude to him. She told Saijan, that she had forgotten to take the sacred bed cover for Bhandara Sahib.  Omniscient  Satguru, smiled and said , “you remembered me, and I broke half the extended roof sheet of your house,  to make a cover, for the Bhandara Sahib” after listening to what Shehenshah Satguru said, Hijayat bai fell at Saijan’s pious feet, and started praising his glory for his unconditional love and kindness.

Sacho Satram.