Once when Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib was taking a bath at a river bank, a beggar came and asked him for Rs. 5/- Sai Satram das Sahib asked the begger “Badhshah (king) what are you going to do with Rs. 5/- why don’t you ask for food or any thing else” the beggar replied, “you have called me badhshah (king) and kings are made with money, otherwise food is what everyone is eating”.

Saijan Smiled and asked Bhai Raman who was his devotee to lift one corner of the mattress and take Rs 5/- from there

Bhai Raman who himself had spread the mattress knew that there was no money under the mattress but since he had to obey Saijan he went and lifted the full mattress and did not find any money under it and he came back to Saijan and told him about it.

Saijan Said
“How did you see?” Bhai Raman replied,
“I picked up the entire mattress” saijan smiled and asked Bhai Raman to lift only one corner of the mattress then only God almighty will shower his blessings.

And then Bhai Raman went and lifted one corner of the mattress and he was astonished to see brand new coins of Rs. 5/- He was so happy to see Saijan’s miracle that he started singing and praising the pious name of Saijan.

The beggar who was noticing Bhai Raman Said,
“Bhai Raman, always believe Shehenshah Satguru’s true words then only you will get the true Mukti, Only a Shehenshah can turn a beggar into a king, the mattress was not your own property that you lifted the entire mattress, and said that nothing was under it, The whole galaxy is tied with his divine rope. He can do what ever he wants, what do you think, am I going to become a king after getting Rs. 5/-? I was just taking his blessings and discarding my misfortunes by taking his blessings, now when I go to the court of the lord Almighty, I can hold my head up like a king, because I have had the Divine Darshan of a True Satguru and I have got Mukti from all the sins of this materialistic world.”

Sacho Satram.