Once two brothers from Mirpur Mathelo, Nandu Mal and Mohan Mal came to Saint Satramdas Sahib and told him that the Panchayat of Mirpur Mathelo had found them guilty and has asked them to get their daughter married to someone from Mirpur to get exemption from their punishment. They told Saint Satramdas Sahib that they do not have a daughter, so they don’t know what to do. They want to live their life respectfully with the other people of the town.

Saint Satramdas Sahib went to the Panchayat of Mirpur Mathelo and requested them to forgive Nandu mal and Mohan mal, but the Panchayat straight away refused.

So Saint Satramdas Sahib came back to Raharki Sahib and this time he went back to Mirpur along with his daughter and told the Panchayat of Mirpur Mathelo that he had brought the proposal of his daughter, on behalf of Nandu and Mohan mal and so now the Panchayat should forgive them.

The head of the Panchayat Wapar Mal who belonged to Hayat Pitafi said “Saint, are you challenging us in the name of God by bringing the proposal of your own daughter?”

At that moment Saint Satramdas Sahib said, “You should be concerned only with the proposal. You are backing off from your words. Only a snake has 2 tongues. You are like a person suffering from epilepsy who doesn’t act upon his words.”

The moment Saint Satramdas Sahib said these words the head of the Panchayat got an attack of epilepsy and everybody present there apologized and bowed down at the feet of Saint Satramdas Sahib and realised their mistake of disrespecting such a great Saint and agreed to accept the two brothers in their community and agreed not to put any restriction on the two brothers.

“Saint Satramdas Sahib explained that if any one told anything hurting for him he would not feel bad, but the head of the Panchayat tried to say that we cannot achieve anything by taking the protection of the God’s name was very hurting. He who doesn’t trust God, is a sinful person and that is why he said that he spoke these words.”

Saint Satramdas Sahib was so kind and loving that he told the head of the Panchayat that since now he was already suffering from epilepsy he can pray for him that, whenever in future he will get the attack of epilepsy he will come to know before the attack so that he could take the necessary precautions before the attack.

Sacho Satram.