Saint Satramdas Saheb’s arrival on this mother earth was a blessings for all living beings.
He would bless all those who came to him and even those who could not come to him were blessed by him and he would take care of their needs.

Once due to the scarcity of water and some other natural reasons there was a shortage of crops and the market got affected very badly, everything became expensive and out of the reach of poor people.
Saint Satramdas Saheb made the arrangements of the supply of food and other necessities for the poor and needy at the Sant Satram Dham.

At such a difficult time poor and needy people would come and eat at Saint Satram Dham. Saint Satramdas Saheb asked people to help each other and serve the poor and needy without thinking of any monetary benefits. He asked the traders to sell the food items at a low cost so that the children of God are not deprived of God’s given facilities and can satisfy their

He also said that during these difficult times hoarding the food stuffs for the monetary benefits is unethical and which will take away the happiness of the people.

The honest earning which may give a little monetary profit to a person, but, will bring abundance of God’s blessings and the happiness for him, but if a person runs behind the monetary gains and indulges into unethical practices, he will be deprived of God’s grace.
Every body started following Saint Satramdas Saheb’s instructions to help people but a businessman whose name was Sadhumal who was a very intelligent buyer in the market , known for his business techniques and was also a follower of Saint Satram Das Sahib got influenced by the wrong advice of one of his friends.

Sadhumal was actually, a kind of businessman that whenever he started buying in the market, the prices would go up. He had a respectable status in the market and he would always help poor people whenever Saint Satramdas told him.
But this time some evil minded friend told him not to think of others who are suffering but to concentrate on his earnings, as this was the time of making profits.

The thought of making more and more profit made Sadhumal very greedy, and he started buying in abundance the food stocks and prices of the food stock started shooting up and it became very difficult for the poor man to buy cereals and grains.

People requested Saint Satram das Saheb to tell Sadhumal not to do such a thing, but even after Saint Satramdas Saheb told him to stop making such a monetary profit that affects the poor people so badly and that does not suit a person like him who is dedicated to the true
service of Saints and has done lot of good work earlier, he did not agree and kept hoarding the stock. Saint Satram das Saheb told Sadhumal that the one who gives happiness to others during the difficult times, actually serves the God in true sense and such people are blessed by The lord in such a way that their present as well as the future generations also are benefited.

Unfortunately Sadhumal was blinded by his greed and ego and did not follow Saint Satramdas Saheb’s true words and thought, that for him, since the present situation is favorable why he should bother about his future, and why not to make a lot of profit so that the people realise his worth.

Saint Satramdas Saheb again tried to make Sadhumal understand by telling him that the one who gives happiness to all, gets closer to the Lord and if, The Lord ignores a person then whatever that person owns gets destroyed, so still there is time he should control himself.
But Sadhumal’s senses were in total darkness and could not see the divine light of the bliss and said that why he should bother that God will ignore him in future but at present he said, that he knows, that God has ignored the poor people who are dying with hunger.

Saint Satramdas Sahib did not like to listen to such ill words about the poor and hungry and told Sadhumal that he should not waste the opportunity given to him by the Lord and make good use of it otherwise when God himself acts on hearing the call made by the poor he can change the worst situation into the best and bring happiness to the ones who are suffering, within no time. Nobody knows the divine secrets of his power.

Saint Satramdas Saheb gave one week’s time to Sadhumal to handle the situation otherwise he warned him that the situation will change itself with the grace of GOD.
Sadhumal did not change his mind and Saint Satramdas Saheb opened all the doors of help and happiness at Sant Satram Dham for the poor and needy people.

Sadhumal spent the full week granted to him By saint Satramdas Saheb in greed and selfish ego and as the Lord himself could not bear the ill reaction of Sadhumal towards Saint Satramdas Sahib, a miraculous change took place, traders who earlier had hoarded the food stocks started selling their stock at lower prices, every one came forward to help poor people by selling the food stock at the lower prices and the market prices went down to the extent that Sadhumal incurred heavy loses, he couldn’t even sell his hoarded stock at the
rate he had bought it and went into serious debt.

Sadhumal was not getting a place to hide from his creditors. He went to ask for help but his efforts went into vain as nobody wanted to help him, his own relatives started ignoring him and told him that due to him they felt ashamed. Sadhuram’s tears did not melt the hearts of his known people who used to be with him all the time when he was making profits.

After being ignored by everyone he realised that only Saint Satramdas Saheb can help him and he went and fell at the feet of Saint Satram Das Saheb and said, that because of his not following the true words of advice by him today he was in such a bad situation and asked for forgiveness.

Saint Satramdas Saheb smilingly said “Sadhumal those who give with both the hands are given with crores of hands by the Lord and if He takes back with crores of hands from those who snatch from others, then the two hands cannot stop those crores of hand.”
Sadhumal cried at the feet of Saint Satramdas Saheb and Saint Satram Das Saheb patted his back and said that only through repentance one can get the grace of God.

Saint SatramDas Saheb called all the creditors of Sadhumal and told them that they should not trouble him as Sadhumal had changed and will return their money, and the creditors said that they will do whatever Saint Satramdas Sahib asks them to do.

Saint Satramdas blessed all the creditors and then Saint Satramdas Saheb blessed Sadhuram with the sacred Naam Daan. Very shortly Sadhumal’s good days came back and he again became a successful businessman, but now he would help poor and needy with all his heart and out of his profits, he would keep aside a percentage of profit separately to donate at Saint Satram
Dham and always remained connected with Saint Satramdas Saheb through Naam Simran.

Sacho Satram.