Once a man who was suffering from a fever, which was making him weak day by day and was incurable came to know that Saint Sai Satramdas Saheb’s blessings could cure him.


One day that Sai Saint Satramdas Saheb was travelling by train and on a particular station this man Sabumal who was suffering from an incurable fever came to him and asked Sai Satram Saheb to bless him.

Saint Satramdas Saheb looked at him and then hugged him and blessed him that from now on he will not get fever and after that Sabumal never got that fever.

Sabumal never got fever again but instead Saint Satramdas Saheb himself got that fever and he had that fever till he left his body for the heavenly abode.

How kind and Great was Saint Satramdas Saheb.

Sacho Satram.