Teckchand was born and brought up in Raharki Sahib. He was a head master of a school. He did not have a male child . Whenever his wife delivered a male child, the child died very soon. So one day he went to Devri Sahib and requested Saints at Devri Sahib to pray for him so that he is Blessed with a son.


Tekchand was told by the great saints at Raharki Sahib that very soon with the grace of Satguru Sai he will be blessed with a son who will have a mole on his shoulder as a sign of a blessing from Shehenshah Satguru and when the child grows up he should make him serve at Devri Sahib for some time. After a year Tekchand was blessed with a son who had a mole on his shoulder. Tekchand kept his name Bhikchand. “Bhik” in Sindhi means begging and since Tekchand was blessed with a son by the great Saints he found the name Bhikhchand suitable for him and Bhikchand became a sincere devotee at Devri Sahib and lived a happy and successful life . Great Saints of Raharki Sahib fulfilled the pious desires of people who seeked their blessings .

Sacho Satram.