Once a man went to Satramdas Sahib and told him that in his hands he had a lot of itching problem and he had tried many doctors but the itching problem still continued.


Saint Sai Satramdas Sahib told the man that he should consult some very good doctor, as he said that ‘What can I do, I am not a doctor’. That man was a true devotee of Sai Satramdas Sahib so he told Sai that no doctor can treat him and he told Sai that “you are the best doctor, you can heal any types of wound and you have to solve my problem also”. Saint Satramdas Sahib looked at him and asked him to go home and wash his hands with soap. The man was surprised and said that Sai “I always wash my hands with soap”.

Sai said but now again wash your hands with soap and you will be alright. That man obeyed Saijan and went home, washed his hands with soap and miraculously he found for a wonder that now he had no itching problem at all. It had just vanished. The man realised that how powerful are Sai’s words.

Sacho Satram.