Whenever the beautiful weather of spring arrives, the Earth comes to life in the form of lush greenery, blooming of beautiful , colourful flowers , , farmers plant their seeds, and even animals in hibernation wake up.
Day and night are almost equal. And both can be enjoyed equally ….
These are the days when sun shines and pleasing breeze also blows. As the weather of spring brings freshness in life and new life on earth and there is realisation everywhere in everything and every living being, so it is also the time of happiness, joy and celebration.
Like how the arrival of Spring is celebrated we the people of India celebrated the auspicious arrival of the great Master, A great saint, an avtar of Krishna in human form, , a, philanthropist, a benefactor, selfless soul an epitome of devotion, Hazoori roop Sai Sadhram Sahib

During his stay in India Hazoori Roop Sai Sadhram Sahib visited many cities and showered his blessings upon the people and transformed their lives…

His true words filled with pious love in his heart moves the hearts of millions of people and discards the darkness of ignorance from their hearts….
He enters our hearts as a little spark and illuminates our hearts with heavenly wisdom….
He resides in the nucleus of each person’s heart who has faith in him and his unconditional love.
His compassion touches the core of our hearts The precious moment of Sai Sadhram Sahib’s sacred arrival changes the whole atmosphere all over India. Just like how it happens in spring when the earth comes to life with happiness, freshness, elation and enthusiasm, the hearts of the people in India are also filled with unlimited happiness, enthusiasm and excitement by the solicitous, loving, remarkable and miraculous presence of Hazoori Roop Sai Sadhram Sahib….
Regardless of age, men women birds animals and each and every living being feels the sacred vibrations of his grace and feel privileged and blessed on his arrival….

Wherever he goes people reap rich harvest of the unforgettable moments spent in his divine company…..He radiates, happiness, joy , cheerfulness and brightness.
He wipes away tears of miserable and brings smiles on their faces and fills their hearts with happiness.
His presence radiates his magnificence and, the heaven’s splendour comes down on earth..
His strong, charismatic , enchanting personality and soft mesmerising voice penetrates the inner core of the hearts of people and touches their souls with bountiful love….
We the people all over the world are deeply grateful to Hazoori Roop Sai Sadhram for guiding, comforting, and transforming the lives of millions of people , through his true and relevant teachings.We are deeply Grateful to The Lord Almighty for sending Hazoori Roop Sai Sadhram Sahib on this earth to bless all living beings, spread happiness and discard the darkness of ignorance from the hearts of people …He is spreading  the glory of the Great Master Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib all over the world.
   Sacho Satram!!!