GURU Purnima is being celebrated since the days of Maharishi Vedvyasa who was a great Scholar and the most knowledgeable soul of this world. It was when once Maharishi Vedvyasa was sitting upset and unhappy Rishi Narad came to him and asked him the reason he was upset for.

MahaRishi Vedvyasa said that he was a Scholar and had written Vedas and Purans and there was nobody like him in this world but still he felt upset and unhappy.

Rishi Narad told Maharishi Vedvyasa that the reason of keeping unhappy was that Maharishi Vedvyasa was not chanting the Name of his lord. Rishi Narad told Maharishi Vedvyasa that if he chants the name of his lord almighty regularly he will never get upset and instead he would feel happy and contented. On listening to the advice of Rishi Narad, Maharishi Vedvyasa asked Rishi Narad to give him some ‘Mantra’ to chant so as to attain the peace of mind. Since then the custom of celebrating Guru Purnima started.

In our life time we try to acquire happiness and to do so, we do all good, as well as bad things, but the main aim of doing all sorts of things is to achieve happiness for ourselves. To reach the ultimate happiness and peaceful life, we try to over come all the hurdles in our life and try to make our life  smooth.

Great Saints advice us that if we religiously want to get happiness and reach the ultimate divine peace of mind we must have a “GURU” in our life. Guru means a teacher who guides us to the right path of life. It is like if we go to some unknown city we generally ask the driver to take us to a place where we want to go to and he takes us to the right place, and if we try to search the place on our own without having the exact knowledge of the place, we either get lost, or waste our precious time, so to be at the right place on the right time, we take guidance from some knowledgeable people.

Same way, we  all need a Guru in our life who can guide us and lead us to the path of true peace and happiness so that our life does not go in vain, and we should live a purposeful and useful life.

Rishi Narad told Maharishi Vedvyasa that, when a common man chants the name of God, he becomes closer to him he and his Satguru become one and thus a common man can reach the greatest height of eternal power like how when a droplet of water when meets the great ocean, it gets mixed with it and gets the shape of an ocean and becomes great like an ocean. Same is when a common man chants the name of his lord he becomes special because he achieves the great divine powers of his lord.

Chanting of the name of your lord / Guru is very, necessary in this age of ‘Kalyug’. Kal means fight and yug means period. The period of fighting where every where we see people fighting with each other often for no good valid ,there is jealousy, every where people have become mean and self centered. One person cannot digest the other persons progress, there are fights even in small families. People don’t require any kind of reason to fight with each other. They just want to fight for anything that is why it is said that chanting of the name of lord in this period of “Kalyug” is a necessity because by doing so we get peace of mind and over come our weaknesses and gain a true energy like how a simple ordinary person Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib became a great saint, a true disciple of Shehensha Satguru Saint Satramdas Sahib by chanting his name religiously.

We must not think of chanting of lords name as a very tough job or hard work, because when we think of something as a big or difficult job we are unable to do it, and we end up doing nothing But if we regard Chanting of Lord’s name as simple as eating food, going to office, opening our shop or sending our kids to school, we will be able to do it. Nobody comes and tells us to send our children to school, or tells us to go and open our shop or office and nobody asks us whether we had our food or not. All that we do on our own, without anybody’s reminder. Same way if we chant the name of lord every day, at a regular time, we will be able to do it everyday without any difficulty.

When we have to go for something urgently, we in a hurry try to avoid our  duty of doing puja or we do it in a hurry.

Whenever we keep a fast on some occasion, we notice that during the day hunger troubles us, we get tempted to eat something, we control ourselves but inside us we feel the hunger and we suppress it. It is actually not the hunger which troubles us, but since we have not eaten on time we get disturbed. Same way if we make Chanting of Lords name as our habit we will never forget to do it everyday at a fixed time.

We must remember that “Nam Simran” or chanting of the lord’s name gives us positive energy and we over come 70% of our worries and the remaining problems are eradicated by the grace of lord almighty, whose name we chant every day with a true devotion. So Gurupurnima reminds us of our duty of remembering our Lord, our master who is omnipresent, omniscient, who is our protector, our almighty. The occasion of Gurupurnima reminds us of utilising our precious time by chanting the name of God/our Satguru “Naam Simran” or doing meditation and make it our daily habit.

Sacho Satram.