Each and every human being wants to live his life happily and to get that happiness, he does any thing possible and in that case he makes lot of mistakes. Sometimes he does right and some times wrong. In fact his wants are endless. So to get each and every thing a person does more of wrong things, that is why great personalities have always said “to get true happiness out of life one must take his decisions very carefully”. He should be happy in whatever he has and let others also be happy.

To make life successful and to live happily one must try to obtain the following valuable things in his life.

1. Health –

It is necessary for a person to have a good health because a person’s behavior is directly related to his health, if he is keeping well, having good health, then even his behavior is also good because his mind is relaxed and he remains calm. On the other hand if a person does not keep well he gets irritated all the time and his behavior is also affected and he does not behave properly.

That is why it is necessary for all the human beings to take care of their health by eating healthy food and by doing regular exercises.

2. Wealth –

The second important thing to make a person happy is that he should have money to live life comfortably & happily. But in that case a person should earn money with honesty. In the older days when a business man was asked whether he is cheating in business he would reply that he can never cheat because he has children, that means if the earned money and the source of money is good and not bad then it will have a good impact on the minds of children but if the money earned is not from an honest source then the food and other necessities he gives to his children will have a bad effect on the mind of his children so a person should live with honesty. We have seen many rich people they have everything excluding peace of mind and many people who are not very rich but are living peacefully & happily.

In today’s age if a businessman is asked whether he is earning money in an honest way or not? Whether he is cheating? He replies that “One has to do everything for his children”. But a person shall always remember that “your behaviour reflects the kind of food you eat.”