Good character, intelligence and good culture is inherited. The children adopt all the above qualities through their parents. All the rules and regulations laid down by a particular religion, prevents a person belonging to that religion from any wrong doings.

All the religious rules and regulations are made for the betterment of humans.
Religion teaches us how to live life with discipline.Good qualities in a person are reflected by the words he speaks. 

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Peace is of 4 types –

1. Peace related to materialistic things

This kind of peace is affected by things like house, car, etc. which are materialistic which if you do not possess you become unhappy and upset.

2. Peace related to the nature

This means when there is some change in the natural conditions e.g. if there is something like earthquake, heavy rains, floods etc which are affecting your life you get disturbed and your peace of mind gets affected.

3. Peace related to one’s thinking and emotions

Here your peace of mind gets affected when you have an argument with someone, when you develop hatred towards somebody or when you are upset for some reasons.
All the above three types of peace keep changing but cannot be discarded and if somebody tries to discard them, he himself will have to leave this world.
Due to the above reasons when we perform some puja (prayer) we in the last say OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. We recite Shanti three times so that all the above 3 types of turbulences are discarded.

After the above 3, we have one more type of peace, that is,

4. Spiritual peace

This type of peace does not get affected by anything. If happiness comes in your life, you don’t get excited and if your life is full of sorrows and problems your peaceful mind still doesn’t get affected. This kind of peace is the actual spiritual peace, which cannot be affected by any ups and downs, any disturbances and any kind of fluctuations.
Spiritual peace means where all happiness, sorrows, ego, honesty, self-esteem, etc are all equal.

Once somebody attains spiritual peace he becomes divine and gets very close to the God Almighty.