Sai Chandiram Sahib was held in a very high regard in Raharki Sahib for his kindness, love and humbleness. He was a highly revered Sant of Raharki Sahib. Simple and loving. He was Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib’s grandson. He was very well known for his soft and gentle voice. Sant Sai Chandiram Sahib was very popular for the Kirtans and Bhaijans he would conduct. He had deep interest in religious music and would sing bhajans in his sweet and melodious voice.

Sant sai Chandiram Sahib will always be remembered for his kind and merciful heart.

He was admired by everyone for his simplicity and humility.

Sai Chandiram Sahib was committed to Sant  Satram Dham Raharki Sahib and selflessly served and blessed all the needy, poor and crippled people, who would come there to seek the blessings of the great sants of Raharki Sahib. Sant Bhai Chandiram sahib would go to various  places for Bhajans and Kirtans and spread the teachings of love and kindness everywhere.

Bhai Chandiram Sahib’s father Bhai Krishandas also did selfless service  at Raharki Sahib. He was the son in law of Satguru Satramdas Sahib. Baba Sant Sai Chandiram Sahib’s Samadhi Sahib is laid close to the great Sant, Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sai’s Samadhi Sahib and Sant Sai Kanwaram Sahib’s Samadhi Sahib.

Sant Sai Chandiram Sahib always glorified the pious name of Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib by spreading his precious teachings through his mesmerizing bhajans and kirtans. Bhai Chandiram Sahib was a magnificent Sant whose name is deeply engraved in the hearts of people of Sindh.

Sacho Satram.