Once when Mahatma Gandhi came for a gathering in Sukkur, thousands of people assembled to catch his one glimpse, there was a lot of commotion, and it was difficult for Mahatma Gandhiji to deliver a speech. Somebody from the stage, who knew the greatness and power of the stentorian voice of Sant Kanwarram Sahib requested him to do something. Bhagat Sahib got up and started to sing, a beautiful Aalap in his magnificent voice and held the audience spellbound and there was complete silence, and then Mahatma Gandhi ji could deliver his speech without any disturbance .


Late Mr. Khemchand Jethwani was a staunch devotee of Kanwarram Sahib. When Kanwarram Sahib was shot dead by some unfortunate people. Late Mr. Khemchand Jethwani was away in Ceylon and on hearing the news of his Guruji’s death he immediately came to Raherki Sahib. But unfortunately Kanwarram Sahib’s last funeral rites were over and Late Shri Khemchand Jethwani fell sick and doctors said that he has got a terrific shock due to which he is not responding to the treatment then someone suggested that some things belonging to Saint Kanwarram Sahib should be kept on his chest and immediately Bhagat Sahib’s blood stained dress and shoes were kept on Late Shri Jethwani’s chest and with Sai’s grace Late Shri Jethwani got up and became alright.

Bhagat Sahib used to write letters regularly to late Shri Jethwani in Gurmukhi.

May God Bless Mrs. & Mr. Radhakishen Jethwani son and daughter-in-law of late Mr. Khemchand Jethwani, who have respectfully preserved the memorable handwritten letters of Amar Shahid Bhagat Kanwarram Sahib.