Sai Sadhram Sahib resides in the hearts of thousands of people all over the world.

When people speak with Hazir Swaroop Sai Sadhram Sahib  on any topic, be it science, history, philosophy, anything, they realise that his knowledge is exceptional, indispensable and invaluable. He is a treasure to the mankind.

Once somebody said that earlier he used to request Hazir Swaroop Sai Sadhram Sahib to bless him with a long life so that he can raise his children efficiently. But now he says he asks Sain to bless him with a long life so that he can spend all his life under his valuable guidance and make his life worth living.

Sant Sadhram Sahib travels all over India and sometimes during his visits for many a days at a stretch he does not take rest and keeps travelling to meet people and transforms their lives.

Sai Sadhram Sahib spends time with the people to listen to their problems & sorrows with compassion and to bless them. He sits for hours at a stretch to meet people in need and while meeting people, he looks fresh, cheerful, always smiling, and meets people with utmost politeness.

People gather in large numbers to meet Hazoori roop Sai Sadhram Sahib to seek his blessings.

Sacho Satram.