Saint Sadhram Sahib was born on Friday, the 25th of October 1963 at Raharki Sahib. Sai Sadhram Sahib’s father- Sai Bhagwandas Sahib, was also a true disciple of Saint Satram Das Sahib and served at Raherki Sahib as his Successor.


Saint Sadhram Sahib’s mother passed away when he was just 6 days old.

Saint Sadhram Sahib was brought up in a religious atmosphere, he was very brilliant in his academics.

He was very efficient and could have enjoyed the higher post, but Saint Kanhaiyalal Sahib, who at that time was serving at Raharki Sahib as Saint Satramdas sahib’s successor asked Saint Sadhram Sahib to connect and commit himself to the noble cause of helping the poor, needy and ignorant by performing his duties at Raharki Sahib. Without giving a single thought over it Saint Sadhram Sahib agreed.

Saint sadhram Saheb is the true successor of Saint Satramdas Sahib.
and is also the beloved of millions of people around the world. Every word he speaks is filled with grace…
Wherever he goes his divine vibrations bring peace within the stressful hearts of millions of people..
His one glimpse washes away all the filthiness and impurities of our lives…
His arrival / visit at any place transforms it into a beautiful heaven…
He gives hope to the people who have lost hopes in their lives. He heals the wounds of the wounded and gives love and blessings to all those who come to him.