Sant Sai Kanwar Ram Sahib was a true disciple of Sant Sai Satram Das Sahib. It is said that whenever an example of a Guru and his true disciple is given, people remember Sant Sai Satram Das Sahib and his devoted and dearest disciple Sant Kanwar Ram Sahib.


Sant Kanwar Ram Sahib spent his entire life under the guidance of Sant Satram Das Sahib and with the blessings of Sant Satram Das Sahib he became a Great Sant, a highly revered Singer and he always sang in the praise of his Guru and his creator in his pure and melodious voice, which would keep the people spellbound

Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib delivered spiritual teachings to the people present at Sant Satram Dham and even to the people he met when visited different places. Sai Satramdas Sahib motivated people to live a simple life with love . He always encouraged people to feed birds and animals and said that the beloved Lord is pleased with us only when we give clothes to poor and needy, give water to the thirsty, food to the hungry and selfless love to all the living beings

Sant Satram Das Sahib was one of the highly revered and renowned son of Sindh, a great Sant, a Holy man. People of Sindh will always remember him and his contributions.

Shehenshah Sant Satram Das Sahib’s loving devotees are spread all over the world. Many real life stories from the sacred life of Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas sahib have been documented in “life history” (Jeevan Darshan) on this website Life history (Jeevan Darshan) He was a pious man of God.

A highly revered Sadhu in Haridwar, bestowed the title ‘Sacho Satram’ upon Sai Satramdas Sahib when he had gone there on pilgrimage. The Sadhu with a long white beard who was meditating since so many years, witnessed a divine light that revealed the Truth of the greatness of Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satram das Sahib to him, and a loud divine voice disclosed to him, that Satramdas was God himself, and he should be regarded and revered as Sacho Satram, around the world, and whoever will chant Sacho Satram, will become one with the God himself, so the Sadhu came and bowed down at the lotus feet of Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Sahib, and told every one about the great declaration by the divine eternal energy .
Sant Sai Satram Das Sahib left his divine body on his own will in January 1910, at Raharki Sahib, leaving his followers crying all over Sindh. His Samadhi Sahib is called Devri sahib at Raharki Sahib, Sindh. To celebrate the birth anniversary of Shehenshah Sant Sai Satramdas Sahib, every year on 23rd, 24th and 25th of October, a grand Mela is organised at Raharki Sahib in Sindh, where people from almost every village and town of Sindh and around the world – rich and poor, young and old, scholars and peasants make a determined effort to attend. His disciples, artists, and singers, and many other personalities from different fields gather at Devri Sahib participate and seek blessings from the great Sants of Raharki Sahib.
Sacho Satram.