Since childhood Saint Satram Das Sahib was a different child.

He undertook long periods of meditation and attended satsangs of different Great Saints. It is said that whenever he came to know of any saint coming to their village, he would surely attend his Satsang.


Saint satramdas Sahib was of exceptional character and well known for his truthfulness .
Saint Satram Das Sahib had a healing touch. He performed miracles to alleviate the sufferings of poor and needy people. He devoted his entire life to the well being of poor underprivileged and deprived people and tried that the people get freedom from social, moral or any other problems from their lives.

This is a story of a holy man, a highly revered Saint who attended to the common tasks of life as any other ordinary person. Those who met him did not guess that they were sitting in the presence of a great saint sent on this earth by the God himself. He was a man of God who sang bhajans in praise of his Creator, in his soothing and sweet beautiful voice.

It is said that when Saint Satram Das Sahib sang, people listened to him forgetting everything of this materialistic world. His singing would attract people of all age groups, rich and poor. A very well known personality of Sindh whose name itself reminds us of Sindh and her beauty Saint Kanwarram Sahib was a true disciple of Sai Satramdas Sahib. He obeyed His commandments and served people religiously at Sant Satram Dham.