Bhai Raman was very close to Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satram das Saheb and most of the time he accompanied Saijan. Wherever Saijan went to attend any meetings, satsangs or any other gathering, Bhai Raman would go with him.
Bhai Raman was very jovial by nature, but had a habit of making fun of others and teasing people. Saijan was very well aware of Bhai Raman’s behaviour.
One day Shehenshah Satguru was going somewhere, and Bhai Raman also accompanied him. On the way, Bhai Raman saw a poor man, taking bath in the river and he had kept his clothes on the bank of river. Bhai Raman’s mind started playing tricks and he thought of playing a trick with the poor man. Bhai Raman told Shehenshah Satguru about his plan, and asked for his forgiveness. Saijan asked Bhai Raman, that why he wanted to play a trick on that poor man. Bhai Raman replied, that he wanted to do so, because he wanted to enjoy seeing him, searching for his clothes and jutis.
Shehenshah Satguru vey lovingly told Bhai Raman, that its ok if he wants to feel happy by playing a trick on the poor man but Saijan advised Bhai Raman that why not to play a trick in a different way and then enjoy.
Shehenshah Satguru told Bhai Raman to keep some money in the clothes and jutis of the poor man and then enjoy seeing, what the poor man does.
After Listening to Saijan’s suggestion, Bhai Raman thought, that by keeping the money in the clothes and jutis of the poor man, the trick will not be so interesting, because the poor man will feel happy, instead of getting upset. But since it was a suggestion by Shehenshah Satguru Sai, which Bhai Raman could not ignore, he went and kept money in the clothes and jutis of the poor man.
Bhai Raman went and kept money in the clothes and jutis of the poor man, and he hid somewhere, from where he could see the poor man. After taking bath when the poor man came to wear his clothes, he was astonished to find money in his clothes and when he was wearing his foot wear he was shocked to find more money in his footwear. The poor man looked up in Deep gratitude to the Almighty, and tears started rolling out of his eyes due to his immense happiness. He badly needed money and now he miraculously found money in his jutis and clothes, so he was thrilled and very grateful to the God.
Looking at the old man, who was amazed, and overwhelmingly happy and crying uncontrollably while expressing his gratitude to the God, tears started rolling out of Bhai Raman’s eyes also. Bhai Raman fell at the Lotus feet of Shehenshah Satguru Sai Satramdas Saheb and thanked Saijan, for protecting him from committing a mistake and making him aware of the true joy and pure happiness.

Sacho Satram.