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Significance of Chaliya Saheb.
When we go to a Satsang the purpose of our gathering is to devote ourselves to almighty, the reason of our gathering is to be a better person, an improved person, a better version of ourselves. Once a year the month before Gurupurnima, we all follow Chaliya Sahib. (40 days ritual)
The Purpose of observing Chaliya Sahib is to make ourselves firm and make good deeds as our habit. When we perform any good act like jaap meditation, Reciting gurus name, it becomes a part of our daily life, It should be with us for ever. Even when Chaliya Sahib is over we should keep doing good deeds and follow what we did during Chaliha Sahib. When we practise anything for forty days it should become our way of life! This is the actual purpose of observing Chaliya saheb (forty days ritual)

We are so lucky and blessed to be born as human beings!
Instead of two legs and two hands, If we were given four legs, than we would be like any other animal wandering here and there, is int it?

Think about it, we are blessed to be born as humans. We should be epitome of humanity.
Being good human beings should be our characteristic, Being a good human being should be our identity.
A lion who hunts a man and eats a man is called a man eater, a man that kills lion is called hunter, We should neither be man eater nor a hunter we should be known as good human beings, imbibed with good human values as human beings. we are inclined towards goodness, We are inclined to do good, We are inclined to manifest humanity, that is why when we do anything good, we are so happy, we do it openly in front of everyone, if we do any good work we don’t fear of hiding it, we show it with all pompous and say that I have done this, we do it whole heartedly without fear of anybody watching us! but on the contrary when we do anything wrong, We are ashamed to show it to any one,we hide it, we dont even talk about it, Because some where in our conscious we already know that we have done something wrong, Something inhumane, Something against the human values!
We are all so lucky that we are all born in blessed environment. If We reailse and count our blessing then we will always sail in the ship of happiness. We have such great human body which is most precious of all, a great mind, ability to think, Ability to learn we have so much to thank for!
The act of realising our countless blessings and thanking God, makes us even more happy, content and joyful in life!
One upon a time a man came to Sainjan and asked him, sain my life is always full of ups and downs, sometime there are good times and some times very bad time. When the time is good I am very happy and joyful when the time is bad I get very disturbed and stressed out nothing works for me, during good time even my work goes great, I get respect from every one, My life shines from every nook and corner, But during bad time my life becomes miserable and horrible from all aspects! please guide me dear Sain and bless me to be happy and joyful all the time. . Sainjan asked him which time he is living now, Good or bad ? He replied “Sain ji bad time” Sainjan told him not to worry and do as he tells him
He tells him to tart his day with Naam Dhyan,Simran, Expressing gratitude towards God, Thanking him for every little thing he has and then proceeding towards his normal day to day life routine! and when he is done with his day and comes back home in the evening he should Again sit in Naam, Dhyan, Simran (Meditation) for sometime, and thank God for the present day he spent, and seek his blessings. Saijan asked him that From today he should spend his time every day like this. And twice a day he should introspect himself.! Let anyone behave the way they want, Let anyone act the way they want but he should always be good and think good for everyone! If someone does bad to him, he should simply ignore it and keep up with his goodness, he should not even think of doing bad or taking revenge from any person. Just keep doing good, no matter what, he should forget all the bad from past and just start a fresh new beginning, of goodness from that day!
As told by Sainjan this man began to do naam, dhyan simran daily; He would start his day and end his day in the same way daily, Slowly slowly he became so strong emotionally and mentally, The attitude of gratitude, Forgiveness and being good always fostered so much in him that he became a wonderful joyful content happy person! No matter how the other person behaved he would always think good, remained calm and behaved nicely. Days passed and he continued to be the same always! By now he had mastered the art of steady happy life this way! After few months he came to sainjan and thanked Saijan, and told Him that he is a happy person and at home as well as outside also, he is doing good in every aspect of life. Sainjan smiled and said that most of the people do one mistake, when they are sad they look upon God, They pray when they are unhappy or if anything bad happens in their life they pray and seek for his help and blessing, But when God blesses them and life becomes good again they forget God, They forget his blessing, They become proud and say that they are so busy that they don’t have time to
sit even for five minutess to thank the same God who gave them everything, When they don’t have time for good deeds natrually they use the same time in something bad, they talk bad about someone, they gossip about someone, they waste their time in some bad habit or in bad action and then again they get inclined towards bad deed andthen face the consequence of that bad deed, and again their balance sheet of goodness and bad deed is disturbed and they disturb themselves and your life! Then they again become sad and unhappy!
This cycle continues and their life goes on with all these ups and downs! But when you really take effort and make it a daily practise to do Naam, Simran, Dhyan (meditation) daily, we see ourselve we follow the preachings of God, We acquire his teachings and we become better each and every single day, We become happy and joyful each and every single day; We learn the art of happiness and become a good human being. and thus nothing can stop us from being happy, nothing can shake us and affect us! This is the purpose of Chaliya Sahib to acquire goodness and good human values and every day act accordingly and not just for forty days in a year. The purpose of completing Chailya Sahib is to transform yourself into a good human being, by imbibing good values in us for ever and ever!
our faith in God our confidence in life, becomes better and better! when even during good times we bow our heads in Naam, Dhyan, Simran we bow our ego, We bow our bad attitude, We get rid of negative attitude, we never become proud, We will always remain down to earth we will always prosper and live happily and steadily in life.
A Person who will always do naam, simran, dhyan in good times will always be happy and content, nothing can stop him from getting happiness and good fortune Everyday when we get up we should start our day with chanting the pious name of god, seek his blessings and that way our full day will go great and when we come back in evening we should again thank our Satguru and even before sleeping we should thank GodIt will bring peace to our minds and happiness in our hearts and We will sleep with peace and contented in our hearts!
When we do Naam, Dhyan, Simran we stop judging others we only judge ourselves we analyze ourselves, we chech if we are right or wrong, Whether we are lacking something whether we are going wrong, What is hindering in us and we then we should work on it.
We are all entitled to work towards humanity and goodness; We should always work in right direction, We are also blessed by God we have brain to understand, Heart to feel what is good and bad for us; After so many births we get the birth of humans, So we should make the best of it, Only humans have the ability to think good and bad for themselves; Imagine if we were born as any other mamal. We would not have the blessings we have as Even a mad man knows what is good or bad for him in some way.
For example if you gives him a box of stones and to tell him to eat, He will not eat them and get more mad, On the contrary if you give him a box of sweets, He will be so happy to eat it! Even a mad person has instinct to know what is good or bad for him, We are normal we can get so much better and better by seeking blessings of God and working on ourselves.
Thus, the purpose of Chaliya Sahib is to develop the deeds of goodness for ever and ever and not for just forty days!
It means that even when Chaliya Sahib is over we have to continue doing what is right and correct throughout our life,
The purpose of Chaliya Sahib is to recognize our human values and act accordingly.
It leads us to choose the right path and right direction. We as humans tend to mislead sometimes but Chaliya Sahib reminds us to choose the right path and right direction for a better us. And this is possible when daily we take time to do Naam & Simran! When we give time to listen to the teachings of our Satguru and follow his them we will always be blessed in happiness and joy.

Satsang Translated by Meet Kewalramani