Sai Sadhram Sahib’s beautiful smile and his magnetic personality electrifies the whole atmosphere. Wherever he goes, children of all ages, and teenagers love to meet him. Sai Sadhram Sahib loves children. Children get very excited and happy while talking to Saijan. He askes very interesting questions to children and listens to their queries and innocent questions very carefully and answers all their question with full interest and he makes the children very comfortable in his company. There is something very special in Saijan that he is loved, liked, respected, adored by people and his presence makes the surrounding divinely pleasant and enjoyable.

People who have met him or know about him like to talk about him and his magnificent personality. He dwells in the hearts of people and rules their hearts. People young, old and the small children talk about Saijan with lot of respect, love and excitement as they feel he is always very close to them. The vibrations of his loving personality make people feel his presence every time everywhere. Just one thought of him brings a happy feeling among the people. Children everywhere wait for Saijan to come and meet them and bless them. They love to be with him and love to talk to him. Sai Sadhram Sahib says that children are the foundation of our future and to make the foundation strong we have to nourish the personalities of our children with love, kindness and inner self confidence. He tells people to give as much time as they can to their children. The future of one’s country tradition and culture and of the society totally depends on the upbringing of our children. By giving more time to our children we give them support and security, which they in return give to their parents, country and society when they grow up. Sai Sadhram Sahib says that when the children are small their foundation is weak and only the close ones can make their foundation strong by teaching them the good things at that stage. Sai Sadhram says that the day the child is born until his 9 yrs of age the parents can always hug him, kiss him, sit and talk to him and shape his attitude, but after 9 yrs this child grows up and he starts making friends outside and becomes little independent and at that stage of age the parents cannot force any thing upon him and if he is forced to do something the child may not like it. That is why it is the duty of all the parents to give their children a lot of time when they are small to make them aware of the value of family bond and the relationships. From birth to 9 yrs of age is the period when a child should be given special care. We must try to keep the children happy so that they enjoy their childhood we must keep away our worries and tensions from them and give them a pleasant atmosphere where they can grow happily and healthily. Children are like flowers. How flowers spread their fragrance in the garden. Children spread happiness in the society. How flowers are delicately handled so should be the children.
Sai with children new