People from all walks of life old, young, rich, poor, men, women everyone used to come to listen to the sweet voice like a nightingale of Sant Kanwarram Sahib. People would feel blessed if they listend to Sant Kanwar Ram Sahib’s healing voice. People say that his voice had so much of power and divinity that once a child who was dead was given to him so that he sings a Lullaby to him, but without informing him that the child was dead. when Sant Kanwarram sang lullaby to the child, his pious and mystical voice made the dead child alive.Such was the greatness of Sant Sai Kanwarram Sahib.


People used to offer lot of money and jewels to Sant Sai Kanwar Ram Sahib while he sang, but Sant Sai Kanwar Ram Sahib never kept even a single penny for himself or for his family out of that money. He would instead, distribute it among the poor and needy people, because he believed that his touching voice was a gift of God to Him, so what ever the money he is getting by the people after listening to his Bhajans, he shall use it for the betterment of the children of God.

Many beautiful stories are told about Sant Sai Kanwarram Sahib.

It is said that when he sang Raga Sarang which is the Raga of rain, clouds gathered and it rained heavily. Many people who suffered from different deadly diseases got cured with his blessings.

He would pray for people to get their pure and honest wishes fulfilled by singing Ardas sahib and Palav Sahib for them.

Sant Sai Kanwar Ram Sahib had magic in his voice, which was audible even at a long distance in the silence of dawn. He held people spellbound for hours together. In those days there was no microphone and loud speakers but still people could hear very clearly Sant Sai Kanwarram Sahib’s stentorian voice.